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Product Specification Sheet
* Required
I - Customer Information
Company*   Sabinsa Rep
Address*   Phone Number*
City*   Fax Number
State   Zip Code
Country*   Other
II - Product Description
Product Name*
Product Form*
Bottling required*   Quantity Requested*
Shelf Life
  Serving Size*
Stability studies required from Sabinsa? If Yes, Real time conditions Accelerated conditions
If No,  Customer to Provide the Stability Data
III - Composition
List of Excipients and Components
Excipient and Component Name Customer supply      
List of Active Ingredients
Ingredient Name Qty per Serving(Label Claim) UOM Customer supply   
IV - Manufacturing process
The Manufacturing process may include but not limited to the following steps:
  • Blending
  • Milling
  • Wet granulation with Water
  • Wet granulation with Isopropyl alcohol
  • Roller compaction
  • Dry granulation
  • Tableting
  • Coating
  • Encapsulation
V - Quality Control Requirements (Test Parameters required for COA)
COA is required?      
If Yes,
Please list below all the required tests
Test Parameters Limits
Microbial Profile
Compliance to Prop 65?                   
VI - Packaging and Shipping Information
1 - Ship in*
Super sac Blue barrels Corrugated boxes
(preferred green option)
Information printed on this shipper*
Name of the material Lot number Quantity Expiration date
2 - Bottling options
Bottle Bottle Size
Color of the bottle Fill Count
Desiccant Number of desiccants Type of desiccant
Cotton Number of cotton lengths Cotton length
Cap Cap inner seal Cap Size
Color of the cap
Cap Type
Bottle sticker label
Overprinting on bottle
Carton / bottle box
Carton / bottle box overprinting
Box sleeve
3 - Stick pack
Length of stick pack Fill weight grams (between 3g to 8g only)
Easy open notch Overprinting
4 - Shipping
VII - Contact Information
Contact Name*   Title*
Telephone*   Email ID*
Terms and Conditions
This document should not be considered as a final specification sheet, we realize this has been prepared to the best of your ability and is subject to change during production or changes made by your company. Items may change based on how the processes are performed. Both parties understand that as items may need to be changed in this document, they will be reviewed and a new document may be assigned to this project. Upon final approval of this document, it will then be used to complete projects given to us by our customers. If all criteria’s are met in this specification sheet and are performed, Sabinsa cannot and will not be held liable for any errors or defects.

Note: This is a confidential document that is only intended for use in performing quality products for our customers.